USAF Celebrates 70 Years of Tradition and Excellence

K'Andrew France-Beckford/ The Avion Newspaper

C/Capt. Kylie Aio/Correspondent

September is not just for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and wearing flannel – it is also for cake and wearing red, white, and especially blue in celebration of the world’s greatest Air Force! The Air Force was officially established on Sept. 18, 1947 when President Truman signed the National Security Act. In addition to this year being the Air Force’s 70th birthday, it is also the 45-year anniversary of Detachment 157 joining Embry-Riddle.

Earlier this month, on Friday, Sept. 15, Detachment 157 joined together with Dr. P Barry Butler and Major General (retired) Gregory Power to mark the momentous occasion. From these gentlemen’s words of wisdom, the cadets of Detachment 157 and their guests heard just how important the Air Force is to Embry-Riddle as well as how minor disappointments in life can turn out to be part of a greater plan in the future. After the speeches, it was time for the celebratory cake; it is tradition for the oldest and youngest airman to cut the cake. The oldest airman, Colonel Robert Owen, passed a piece of cake to the youngest airman, cadet Christian Junio, which signifies the knowledge and skills being passed on to the younger generations of Airmen.

Before the event, the members of the cadet wing were encouraged to show their morale by dressing up. The younger cadets even had the option of attempting to embarrass their upperclassmen by dressing them up. This year, we had many teddy bears, a few unicorns, Marilyn Monroe and a leprechaun. 

Eugene DeNezza/AFROTC.Pictured from left to right: David Brickey, Justin Treinish, Alex Lardinois, and Branden Hamilton dressed in Care Bear costumes.