Tia Cori’s: Tasty Taco Tuesday

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Alessia Ames/Correspondent

This week’s food adventure was on a Tuesday. This entitles the new social norm Taco Tuesday to go into effect, so the restaurant of choice was Tia Cori’s. This small, cozy place on Beach Street is the closest to the authentic Mexican that I have found in Daytona so far. When driving to this place, you must really look because it is in a little corner spot. Walking into the restaurant, you see that you could sit inside or outside, as well as be able to get food to go. It has a food truck feel when it comes to walking to the order counter though. It is a food truck restaurant that managed to find a building, in my opinion. The tacos that are only a dollar on Taco Tuesday are the hard shell , American taco. If you visit this place on any other day the American style tacos are $2.00 each. It has their nicely seasoned meat of your choice with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and possibly onions. The person accompanying me ordered those tacos. I had a taste, and yes, they are great for that style of taco. There is not an overload of additives where you cannot find the meat; there is a good balance of everything. The shell has a nice crunch. The only real problem is it not having the proper structure to prevent semi-falling apart as you continue eating the shell. However, this is a problem anytime you eat a hard-shell taco, not just theirs. I will say that whatever shell they use keeps the bottom intact until the last couple of bites.

My order was the Mexican style, soft shell corn tortilla with chicken. The Mexican style means it has cilantro, onions, and a lime wedge on the side if you would like to use it. My goodness, they were exactly what I was looking for. The chicken was a style that was a little different than what I am used to because it was thoroughly shredded. The flavors were still there, just texturally different. I was excepting thinner chucks of chicken instead of shredded. It was an orange color that at first caused me to question what was ordered, but it was just how they seasoned the meat with bell peppers. You have the option of getting hot sauce added to your tacos, with options of mild, medium, or hot. I did not get any heat added and was very satisfied. There was no surprising heat I did not order as some Tex-Mex places will do to your order. The blend of seasoning, cilantro, onion and the added lime was great together. There was not one overpowering flavor. The taco was harmonic. The only problem I had was using about three napkins because of the lime trying to drip off the taco onto my hand and down my wrist.

The chips and queso were delicious. The portion size was great for sharing, so the cost of $5.00 was worth it. The chips are house-made, and you can tell by the texture and visual appeal.  I have yet to see store-bought tortilla chips that have so many expansion bubbles from the fryer making the chips, or a golden color that is not even across the entire chip. They are not soaked in oil either; it is as if they fry the chips then put them in a strainer so the oil can drip off and then add a soft sprinkle of seasoning on top. These are paired with a nice portion of gooey white cheese. Their queso is made in-house as well, from what I have heard the staff say. It is a very smooth and thick queso that is more on the sweet side of cheese. It is not overly sweet though, not to the point of feeling as if you are eating dessert. The satisfying crunch of the softly-salted chip chosen and the soothing, warm, slight-sweet flow of queso are a match made in heaven.