Threat Signal, Disconnect

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Brandon Collins/Staff Reporter

Threat Signal, a heavy metal band from Ontario, Canada, released their fourth studio album, “Disconnect,” a couple of weeks ago on Nov. 10. “Disconnect” is the long-awaited follow-up to Threat Signal’s previous self-titled album which came out in 2011.

The band is best known for their heavy, thrashing riffs which they typically combine with melody and core. This album was a surprisingly rock-like album, similar to that of Soilwork and In Flames, or even some of the older music by All That Remains.

The album opens with “Elimination Process,” which starts off as a soft, lovely ballad, but then quickly descends into aheavy, thrashy riffs and solos without notice. The lead single from this album, “Exit the Matrix,” stands as one of the best tracks, swapping out the chugging riffs displayed earlier in the album for a more thrash focused song. Easily the best song of the album is “To Thine Own Self Be True,” which is a nonstop, hard-hitting jam song with a great intro that leads to some great head-banging moments.

On the album, slightly less than half of the vocals are screamed and growled, and many of the songs open with mellow notes and riffs which then begin to pick up. The album is perfect for people who like a metal band who does some growling but stick mostly to regular singing vocals. 

The album is a little on the lengthy side. Clocking in at 56 minutes, this album is about ten to fifteen minutes longer than the average album from this genre.

It is a little repetitive in riffs and notes, plus the fact that it has a very clean production makes some listeners a little less inclined to enjoy the album due to the fact that some metal bands keep their albums not perfectly clean to keep a little of the harsh sound in the music.