The Reason We Give

Zachary Wilkinson/BCM President

We live in a world where people focus so much attention on what makes us different, and hardly anyone wants to talk about the things that bind us together. College students can unite under one undeniable truth: We love free food!

Baptist Collegiate Ministries, or BCM, is a group of Christian students who gathered on the West Lawn last Friday to hand out free hamburgers, chips, and lemonade to 160 students. BCM is a faith-based campus organization that is shifting greater focus to serving the student body. A question that often comes up while we serve food is “Why are you here?” or “What is this for?” The answer to that question is simple but comes with grand significance: We give freely out of the grace of God because he gave something to us first. In the Christian faith, we are given the free, undeserved gift of salvation because God sent his son Jesus to save us. We didn’t deserve it, we can do nothing to attain it for ourselves, but it is still offered. Giving back to others is a great way for us to exercise action with our faith and tell others about the reason for our hope. The simple act of handing out a free meal is just a small example of what God has done for us.

Last week was the second time this semester that we gathered to hand out free lunch, and it was very successful! On both occasions, we have run out of food in half the time planned for the event. With each meal comes an invitation to join us for another free meal that same night, as we hold student-led testimonies on the same days as the free lunches. Lord willing, we plan to continue this ministry to campus monthly. Look for us on March 27 and April 17.
The food we give is purchased by a volunteer from a local food bank at a discount. It is then prepared by a professional caterer and member of the local church, First Baptist Daytona. The money used to purchase it comes from donations from our church members. It is out of the abundant grace we receive that we are led to give to others and tell them about Christ, who offers the same grace to everyone. Christians are united by the gift that we have been given, and we desire to tell others about it. That is the reason we give, and we are united in this effort.