The Many Ways You Can Go Global

Jack Taylor/The Avion Newspaper.
Students also had the opportunity to visit Paris as part of the Summer A Humanities and Physical Science program.

Alexander Damon/Correspondent

In other universities across the world, it is not only emphasized that students should have at least one global experience during their undergraduate careers, but it is also a graduation requirement.

Because of this initiative abroad, many more students have a stronger emphasis on the importance of globalization compared to the same majors at most American universities.

Fortunately, Embry- Riddle Daytona Beach, Prescott, and Worldwide campuses offer spectacular study abroad experiences for whatever your time constraints you have.

The shortest program offered is a Spring Break program. While some classes offer a Spring Break trip to a foreign destination or a domestic away, other trips like Ignite will not necessarily reward course credits.

Ignite Spring break trips offer a cultural research-based program that has gone to exotic locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Transylvania, and most anticipated this upcoming Spring: Cuba.

The middle length program that we offer is Summer Semester trips. These trips make up the bulk of students who we send abroad. Each is 3-4 weeks long hosted by at least 1 ERAU faculty. Your group will consist of other ERAU students studying in the same classes you are as well!

Think of studying abroad for a Summer like taking a guided class tour where you are receiving regular credits. This is perfect for those who do not like to travel alone or have never left the US! Also, when you study abroad during the summer, you have half price tuition!

Our longest programs that we offer are Semester/ Yearlong programs. These are your stereotypical “student exchanges” you probably have in mind when we say study abroad. You get to pick the school that you want to apply to on our approved list; you pick the classes that will match up with your 4-5-year plan, and then you decide to stay for a semester or yearlong exchange.

When you are abroad, all of your classes are pass or not pass, meaning if you fail, your GPA will not take a hit, but if you pass with flying colors, you will remain the same. You will also pay ERAU tuition, so all of your scholarships, financial aid, and loans will be covered as normal.

The Office of Global Engagement offers so many different trips because we want to make global experiences accessible to all students regardless of time commitments.

If you have any questions on anything regarding study abroad, please feel free to contact us at or feel free to swing by our office in Building 271 (formally mod 23) Suite 200.