Technology for Your Success

Brian Zipse/Technology Services

Students at Embry-Riddle have the latest and greatest technology tools designed to support academic success: a modern and cutting edge internal information portal, ERNIE, and learning management program, Canvas.

ERNIE provides students with access to what is important to them. You can check your schedule, read the latest University news and find the resources you need.

Logging into ERNIE presents you with many key features in the gold bar at the top of every page. Some features include:

  • Yammer: The “Y” icon takes you to Yammer, Embry-Riddle’s own social network. Join public groups or create your own to stay plugged into the ERAU community.
  • OneDrive: Clicking the cloud icon takes you to OneDrive, which provides users with 1 TB of personal cloud storage that you can access from anywhere. Share files with others for viewing and editing, store your personal stuff for school or work or even submit an assignment to your Canvas course directly from OneDrive. Be sure to review your OneDrive privacy settings to make sure you keep private things private.
  • Team Sites: The globe icon grants you access to any private team sites you might be a part of.
  • Email: Clicking the envelope opens up your online Outlook for all your email needs.
  • Favorites: The star icon will open up a list of all the pages you select as favorites. Click add to favorites in the top right corner to add to your list. Information Technology is a good place to start and, while you are there, subscribe to the I.T. announcements to get the latest news on your home page.
  • Settings: Finally, the gear icon will help you manage all of your settings for your ERNIE and ERAU account.

One highlight is the continued integration with Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based system that provides you with access to email and calendar, file storage and sharing, web conferencing and instant messaging.

Once inside Office 365, users have access to even more applications like Office Online by clicking the small white grid in the top left corner. Another great benefit is the ability to download free Microsoft software. Click on the gear icon and choose Office 365 Settings to get started.

In addition to those inside ERNIE, there are plenty of other tools available to help members of the ERAU community.

  • com: With a fantastic online library of more than 3,700 learning courses for people at all experience levels, Lynda can be a generous resource for those looking to learn technical skills, creative techniques, business strategies and more from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Access through the tools section in ERNIE.
  • Mobile App: Download the ERAU app for convenient access to your classes and coursework, news and events, maps, directories, sports, videos and more.
  • Computer Labs: Students needing access to a computer can head to the Hunt Library, the Lehman Building’s room 371, as well as the College of Business’ room 123 to visit a computer lab. You can also visit the Information Technology ERNIE page to check on computer availability. A comprehensive list of labs is available at with lab hours varying throughout the year.
  • Personal Computer Help: Having trouble with your own Mac or PC? Support services are provided through the ResNet support office, located on the first floor of the Student Village. Support technicians will provide a “best effort” level of assistance and are here to help you free of charge. Contact IT Support to schedule an appointment.

All of these services and more are available as Information Technology helps welcome all new and returning students to campus. Be sure to visit the Getting Started section on the Information Technology ERNIE page to explore all of the services that will help you achieve a successful fall semester.

Please feel free to contact us for 24-hour support, seven days a week by calling 386-226-6990 or send us an email at You can even chat us at For self-service, visit