Summer A Study Abroad to Canary Islands: Be The Change!

Photo Credit: Janet Tinoco / One group of ERAU students that participated in the Summer A Study Abroad program to the Canary Islands.

Janet Tinoco/Professor, College of Bus.

How does a summer full of adventures and memories sound? The Canary Islands Summer A Study Abroad Program (May 25 to June 24, 2016) is all you need to have a once in a lifetime experience. Dr. Janet Tinoco and Prf. Ray Sanders will embark on this journey with ten ERAU students. The students will have the opportunity to learn and work side-by-side with fellow college students at the Universidad Europea de Canaries in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands are part of Spain, but lie close to Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. They were once considered the gateway to the New World, active in international trade and the last stop for Christopher Columbus before he embarked on his journey to America in 1492. Tenerife, one of the main islands, has near-perfect sunny year-round temperatures, letting you enjoy one of the most unique landscapes in the world: tropical rain forests, the active El Teide volcano with its barren surroundings, sunny beaches, and historic colonial villages and metropolitan cities. Tenerife also boasts the El Teide Observatory, a key element of the astrophysics research in the Canaries. The island was also the site of the worst airline disaster in aviation history, where two Boeing 747s collided on the runway at the Los Rodeos Airport on March 27, 1977. 583 people
died as a result.

The Canary Islands “Be the Change” summer abroad program features up to nine (!) undergraduate credit hours or 3 graduate credit hours in a length of one month. The courses offered are HU399 Spanish Art, Literature, and Culture; EC299/399 Essentials of Economics/Special Topics (Substitution for EC 200 or EC211), and BA399/699 Be the Change: Developing the Leader in You. Professors from our island host university will teach HU399, which allows a wonderful interaction with those who live and work in the Spanish Colonial island villages and towns. Learn salsa! Mimic the unique ancient island language of whistling! Sip wine at the local wineries! New this year will be general education economics courses taught by Prf. Sanders and a new leadership course taught by Dr. Tinoco. Plans including working with the Spanish university on a community service project, visiting the observatory, sipping wine at local wineries while developing your own leadership styles, and getting two gen ed classes finished! You will have plenty of time on your own for hiking, sailing, whale watching, snorkling, scuba diving, dancing, and shopping throughout the islands. Transportation around the island is easy and inexpensive.

Space is limited, so we encourage you to start applying now for an unforgettable study abroad experience. This session includes island excursions, apartment lodging with pool and maid (!) service, transportation to/from the university, books, and insurance for $4372. Tuition is only $3993 for NINE undergraduate credit hours or 3 graduate credit hours. The deadline is rapidly approaching.

So, join us in Summer A! Swim in the lava pools, dance the night away in the rich club scene, sip wine at the Bodegas Monje winery, go scuba diving, hike the rainforest, or sunbathe on the beaches. Find yourself in the Canary Islands.

Contacts for this study abroad are: Prf. Ray Sanders (, Dr. Janet Tinoco (, or Find us on Facebook and meet students that have gone to the Canary Islands on this study abroad!