Looking to submit an article to The Avion? Great! E-mail your article to complete with your name, position in organization, and a headline, and we will prepare your content for the issue of your choosing. Please take notice of the requirements listed below. If your article does not meet the listed requirements, we reserve the right to not run your content.

You may add  up to three photos to your article (which must also meet the requirements listed below), these can be sent attached in the same E-mail as the article.


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Requirements Below

Articles must be submitted by 12 p.m. (noon) the Saturday before the intended publication date. Any articles incorrectly assigned will be published in the following issue.

  • The Article Submitted must have the Organization’s or Event’s Name in the Filename
  • The Article must have at least 350 words and less than 800 words (excluding title and author)
  • The Article must be saved as a word document (.doc or .docx), then attached to the E-mail
  • The Article must be in plain text format (no bold, no underlines, text wrap, etc.)
  • Pictures can not be included in the document
  • Articles may be edited for length and the Avion will ensure important details remain (date, time of event, etc.)

Picture Submission Requirements (OPTIONAL)

  • Must be .jpeg or .tif
  • Filename must clearly label organization
  • Must be relevant to the organization

*Picture Space is LIMITED and the Avion will try hard to accommodate all organizations and departments if possible. Priority will be given to those who submit early.