Study Abroad

We can all agree that college is a place of learning, studying, reading, and books. Our most important task in college is obtaining our degree. However, is there not more to college than study and obtaining the elusive diploma? I hope everyone can agree that there is much more to college, but more importantly life than study and books. More specifically, I am talking about studying abroad. In one of the many programs that we have you could find yourself in an exotic foreign country eating strange foods, speaking new languages, and being exposed to cultures and peoples you had never imagined. One could be having these life experiences all while earning ERAU college credits for studying in another country.

DO NOT BELIEVE THE RUMORS! Every major can Study Abroad, all classes are taught in english, and if you do not want to go alone; sign up with a friend! All you other veterans out there can Study Abroad as well! Don’t waste your time being depressed about the long road to your diploma. Get out and experience the world. Just last semester, I found myself in Hong Kong taking 4 classes that directly transferred to my degree, while paying $1200 in rent for the entire semester. I or the other employees of the study abroad office can help tailor a specific study abroad program to your major. We have programs ranging from the semester long, year long, summer programs, internships, research oppertunities and much much more!  The picture below is of myself hiking in Hong Kong in one of the hundreds of awesome hiking locations that are located in the administrative region. You could be having your own adventures. Do not wait to plan your time abroad! Plan now! Come by our office if you have any questions or send us an email at

-Thomas Guba