Study Abroad Spotlight: Summer B in Spain

Photo Courtesy: Margaret Klemm
Above: Students from the Spain Summer B Study Abroad program pose in front of an old plane on public display.

Keenan Thungtrakul/Senior Reporter

Hey pilots and aviation law enthusiasts, an adventure awaits! How would you like to earn credits while traveling abroad in another country? Well, you can! Imagine being able to tour three cities in Spain and having a chance to fly gliders in the beautiful city of Segovia. With Embry-Riddle’s only Aviation Law Study Abroad program, you can see this dream become a reality. You start in the City of Salamanca, residing in rooms prearranged for you by the hosts of the program. They include clean university dorm rooms or a nice hotel. Your schedule incorporates plenty of free time, enabling you to explore the town after your classes. Plus, up to 98% of your food expenses are covered in the program fee, including the glider excursion in Segovia! Have a birthday or want to celebrate the Fourth of July? We will help you celebrate, do not worry!

Photo Courtesy: Margaret Klemm. The students from the Spain Summer B program pose in front of a flower garden in the shape of a sitting dog.

Near the end of the program, you will have the chance to tour Madrid’s Barajas International Airport as well as Iberia Airlines’ Operations Center. You will get a look at what happens every day behind-the-scenes to make sure that you will get to where you are going on time.

Do not know the language well? It is okay. All your classes will be taught in English, and can be held anywhere, not just in a room! There’s also a non-credit, for fun Spanish language and culture course with a focus on aviation included in the program that will help you learn the language, or you can converse with locals in English to help them hone their skills. Once a week, you get to have class at the Adventia European College of Aviation and see how Europeans conduct their flight training for aspiring pilots.

Besides this program, there is a lot of buzz going on about the Greece Aegean Airlines program, also featured in Summer B. That trip is comparable in value to this one but in the Aegean program you are on the move constantly. Students in that program toured Greece extensively before they visited the operations center for Aegean Airlines and sat in one of their aircraft. Unfortunately, that plane did not fly. In Segovia, you get to fly a glider over the Spanish countryside. Pilots, bring your logbooks so that you can log the time flown and be able to include it in your flight hours. Another perk, you can participate in this program and still take advantage of Embry-Riddle’s discounted flight program during summer. All the more reason to consider going!

Unlike the Aegean Airlines program, you have a home base in Salamanca that allows you to reset and refresh more often. When you are on the move constantly, there is not much time to relax and enjoy what the area has to offer. In this program, you can achieve a familiarity with the area almost to the level where if you were to actually live there, you would fit right in. Salamanca is very pedestrian-friendly, and your residences will have Wi-Fi included plus access to printers if you have to print out papers and such. In regards to laundry services, the hosts have you covered.

A more laid back program comes with additional travel opportunities too. The Spain program has two built in free weekends that are either three or four days in length. These are intended for you to either relax and catch up on homework or explore! You can plan your own trips during this time or tag along with friends and professors. You do not have to worry about getting lost here, the professors and tour hosts will have you get either a prepaid phone or a local SIM card to use that will enable communication between students, professors, and tour leaders so you won’t be left behind.

Embry-Riddle’s study abroad program in Spain is planned in conjunction with the Salamanca-based tour company Mester. You can check out their website at and the planned Segovia gliding excursion at for your planning convenience.

Tuition is half price ($4074 for six credits), and the program fee is roughly $4000, which includes all in-program travel, housing, fees, and most food. Your international flight is separate, but that means freedom to either travel before participating or take another study abroad in Summer A. Whichever way you want to plan it, you will be taking part in an adventure of a lifetime.