Study Abroad: Places to Spend the Summer

Keenan Thungtrakul/Senior Reporter

Interested in spending a summer, semester, or year in another country? Well, you can! The Embry-Riddle Office of Global Engagement hosted its annual Spring Forum on Feb. 1. Students interested in study abroad came to the IC Auditorium to see what programs Global Engagement has available and get information on financial incentives intended to reduce the burden of traveling. The people of Global Engagement know the value of going abroad, and they want to make it easier for you. If you can recall reading my article series on study abroad, you know that I took part in this experience last summer. It was a trip of a lifetime. You will not get many more chances like now to travel while earning credits toward your degree!

At the time of this article’s publishing, the deadline for regular Summer A programs has passed. However, the Summer A and B Greece programs (the Antikythera Mechanism and Aegean Airlines) have a new extended deadline of Feb. 25 and Feb. 10 respectively.

All other Summer B programs have a deadline of March 6. The application process is simple, but there is a required $100 non-refundable application fee and $400 deposit that needs to be included in the package. Should you decide to withdraw from the program, you will get your deposit back in full. For those thinking about a trip of a lifetime, there is no better chance than now to take advantage of it, especially for Greece. You will sail for two weeks then hike the northern mountains. It may seem like a vacation, but remember that class does not always have to be in a room! Same with the other programs offered. There will be plenty of travel time incorporated into the itinerary, and the class schedule is more flexible. For more information and how to apply, stop by the Office of Global Engagement (Building 273, Suite 200, next to the HUB), or check out the flyer stands around campus.