Star Wars Battlefront II Review

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Peter Vane/Correspondent

Amongst the huge controversy between Electronic Arts and the Battlefront community, I definitely enjoy “Star Wars Battlefront II.” Even though many players are choosing to
boycott the game due to the loot boxes, micro-transactions and the high costs to unlock characters, I decided to take the plunge and buy the game. Overall, I am very glad that I did.

The biggest addition from 2015’s “Star Wars Battlefront” is the single-player campaign. It is entertaining enough to play for its short four hours, even though it has a handful of issues. The few main characters were fascinating to me, especially the protagonist, Iden Versio, played by Janina Gavankar. The cut scenes actually feel like a Star Wars movie, and this is beneficial considering how this new story is canon to the Star Wars universe. The only problem is that the campaign quickly loses sight of its goal and the player ends up hopping across the galaxy completing random missions.

The arcade mode is fun enough for a couple of hours. It comes into the spotlight with the split-screen option. My friends always love to go head to head as their favorite heroes.
Another cool feature is how customizable these matches are. You can either have a duel with only two players or a full-on multiplayer match filled with bots. Other than that, there is nothing much more to it.

The main selling point of the game is the multiplayer aspects. It comes with five different multiplayer modes, with the most important being galactic assault. I personally love playing it. The graphics are absolutely unbelievable, and the developers got the scale done right. The battle cards are a source of major controversy, considering how it is a gamble if a player gets the right upgrades for his favorite class, but all these upgrades can be bought using crafting parts earned in game. The new battle points aspect makes it fun to save up to buy vehicles, starfighters, and heroes. However, there is no way to pick the next map which would have been a super fun feature.

Overall, “Star Wars Battlefront II” is a jack of all trades and a master of none. It is a very entertaining game to play casually, but it lacks the elements to be a game where you could invest tons of time.