SRB: Where Your Voice is Heard

Esteban Sanchez/College of Engineering

Are you a person that settles for anything that is given to you, or are you somebody that always wants something better? Are you a person who will stay quiet when you encounter an issue or are you somebody that will take the bull by the horns and face those issues? Do you want to see an improvement on this campus? Do you want to find a solution for those issues that you encounter? Do you want to challenge the status quo? Then come to the Student Representative Board (SRB) meeting and voice your concerns.

The Student Representative Board (SRB) is a branch of the SGA which main purpose is to provide solutions to the problems that students can encounter on campus. Embry-Riddle can be considered as an ever changing and improving campus, which takes pride in its modern building and top-level laboratories. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement! The SRB representatives’ goal is simple: to find what are the problems for students on campus and fix them. There is only so much that we as representatives can do to cover issues on this ever-growing campus, and that is why we need you. We need students to raise their voices and present their concerns about this campus so we, as your representatives, can solve them. Challenging the status quo is not for everybody, but those who do challenge it can achieve colossal things. If you want to be one of those people, we invite you to come and be part of the change.
The SRB meeting takes place every Tuesday at the IC Auditorium from 12:45 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.