SGA Hits the Books

SGA purchases popular textbooks to be loaned out in the library

Samantha Stirmel/Staff Reporter

Finding textbooks in the library for classes is a hard task, especially when one can only rent them for hours at a time. Katelyn Wentworth saw this need after she overheard some of her friends talked about it and decided to do something to change it.

As Treasurer of the Student Government Association, she had the networking to propose this plan and enact it. She contacted the library and asked them about some of the most in-demand books in the library and proposed that the SGA donate some books to the library to support it and the student’s educational needs.

After the SGA Executive board talked over the problem, they agreed to purchase three copies of each of the five most popular textbooks for the library to keep and loan out. Two of them are business books, and 3 are lower level engineering books. In the future, the SGA is working on a partnership with the library to continue this relationship and donate more textbooks to support the students.

Wentworth implores any students that have specific textbook requests to let the SGA know so they can narrow down exactly what students want to see. These library books will be going on the borrow shelf along with other books supplied by faculty members. With how the university is structured the Library does not have the budget to fill the textbook need of the student population.

Therefore, the faculty is expected to put their books on the shelf to give students access without them having to buy the bookstore books. Another way to improve the borrow shelf is by graduating students donating them. Obviously, not all faculty and former students are willing to do this, and so the SGA has moved to fill this need and hopes that this relationship will continue long into the future.