SGA Facilities Update

Parking lots flooding, construction everywhere, and the planning of the new Student Union building are all the ingredients for the recipe of this month’s construction updates. First, the parking lots. The parking lot behind the ICI center was recently flooded due to a massive amount of water that was dumped on Daytona Beach this past week. The issue with the flooding of the parking lot and also the retention ponds on campus is not a lack of drainage, but a surplus of water in a very short period of time. The recent storms brought so much rain for such a long time a lot of Daytona Beach’s roads were also flooded. Most of the water in the parking lots on campus have drained, so expect dry parking lots soon. The next item on the list in construction everywhere, and due to the rain some projects are not nearing completion as quickly as expected. The roof on Doolittle was supposed to be completed already, but due to complications the contractor expects it to be finished soon; consequently, there is no need to worry about flooding or about water leaking in Doolittle – it is all sealed up. The SGA last year, with Facilities, constructed a hammock park between Doolittle and the Student Village, and the SGA’s Progress Committee will be expanding upon the project as the year progresses. And finally, the new Student Union building is still in the beginning planning stages. Any student suggestions and must-haves are wanted by the University because this is going to be a building designed for students, by students. Any suggestions, no matter how “out there” will be relayed to the University. To conclude, the construction on campus is still ongoing, and Construction would still like the patience of students, faculty, and staff while the University transitions from the present campus to the major renovations that will happen this summer. Many departments will be moving, which includes Starbucks (no worries, Starbucks is staying, it is just being moved to where the Post Office used to be) and during this phase of moving patience is needed to ensure everything happens smoothly and quickly. Once again, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding construction, the Student Union, the demolition of the Departure Lounge, or the future of the racquetball courts, feel free to email me at and I will work to voice your thoughts.


-Jonathan Lezman