Rice Bistro: The Nice Bistro

Photo Courtesy: Yelp

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Andrew Bronshteyn/Managing Editor

Rice Bistro in Port Orange, is a high-quality “Asian Fan-Fare Cuisine” restaurant on S. Clyde Morris Blvd. The restaurant itself was open and airy, with great lighting and ambiance.  The serving staff was attentive and friendly and we were seated immediately. As soon as I stepped in, I could tell from the aroma that whatever I ordered would taste amazing.

Rice Bistro has an extensive menu; nations represented in their fare include Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. The prices were moderately affordable, though high for college students. The portion sizes made up for it, though, and no one went home hungry.

My dinner companion and I ordered two entrees to share. We ordered the Rare Flank Pho and the Fried Ramen with beef. We were also given multiple complimentary appetizers, including a delicious dish that consisted of fried onion, salad and a sweet and spicy sauce.

Pho, pronounced “fuh” is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup dish. Pho is served with limes, basil,  and bean sprouts on the side and goes well with hoisin sauce. Though the meat in the pho was less flavorful than other pho restaurants, the pho itself was excellent overall.  The rare flank was very tender, and the presentation was gorgeous.

The Fried Ramen was to die for. It consisted of beef, ramen noodles, assorted vegetables such  as green beans and onions, and shitake mushrooms. The beef was tender and flavorful. The ramen was perfectly prepared and made us slow down to enjoy eating it more. I am not much of a mushroom fan, but I wanted every single shitake mushroom that was in that bowl.

Though we did not order any, Rice Bistro offers appetizers, soups, salads, and desserts all of which looked delicious. Additionally, Rice Bistro had a large bar area where you could sit and order a drink.