Reflections From the Student Representative Board

Todd Stubblebine / SGA Representative

Hello Eagle Nation, let me introduce myself. My name is Todd Stubblebine, and I’m a junior here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in Unmanned Aircraft System Sciences, with a minor in Human Factors. As we head towards the finish line of the semester, take a look back to reflect on all of the memoires and accomplishments you achieved during this time.

For me, my reflection was joining the Student Government Association.  During this fall semester, I wanted to be more involved with students and campus life, so I applied for a Student Representative Board (SRB) position within the Student Government Association. I barely knew what the Student Government Association was all about. When I started learning about SGA, I was completely shocked to all of the divisions and branches they had, ranging from Touch-N-Go, WIKD, The Avion, The Student Representative Board, The Student Finance Board (SFB), The Student Court, as well as the Executive Board. I didn’t realize all other opportunities and possibilities that  are within the Student Government Association.

I got elected as a College of Aviation Representative, the Campus Safety and Parking Liaison, as well as serving as a committee member on the Progress and Blue Bike Committee. I couldn’t be happier with joining the Student Government Association.  While holding these positions, I have learned so much about campus and this school. I am now able to represent all students to enhance student life.

I have learned about all of the student life, and how we, the SGA, can make it better for everyone. Having the ability to help other students is what makes me extremely happy and positively motivated to do my best job with the jobs I hold within SGA. Lastly, I urge everyone to GET INVOLVED on campus, because being part of an organization will open endless possibilities and opportunities for you and your future self.

“Knowledge is the only thing that grows when shared” – Andres Trisko

Christina Alford / SGA Representative

Hello! My name is Christina and I’m a representative for the College of Engineering, the Student Representative Board Secretary, and the Academic Committee Chair. I am a first-semester sophomore pursuing a Civil Engineering degree and this was my third semester as a part of the Student Government Association. I would like to start off by saying that I couldn’t be any more thankful and appreciative of the SGA. I am so glad that this student organization was one of the first organizations that I joined as a freshman. In it, I have learned and met so many students, faculty, and administration. The experience has been great!

The purpose of this article is to reflect on the few of the many things that the Student Government has taught me. The main thing that I’ve learned is that I am not by myself. I learned that Embry-Riddle is filled with so many diverse people; more people than I thought share the same values, opinions, and hobbies that I do. In the beginning, fresh out of high school, I’ll admit that I was a little scared being out here on my own. That is definitely not the case anymore. I am now a part of a university where I feel at home, this is my second family.

I’ve also learned how much power and potential students’ voice actually holds. Speaking from experience, I know that working together can get so many things accomplished. It is just up to us to get together and work together.

If you have any questions or would like to join SGA, feel free to send me an email at

Carson Gedeus / SGA Representative

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I’m Carson Gedeus, your College of Aviation Representative at Embry-Riddle. Since becoming involved with the ERAU Student Government Association (SGA), I’ve acquired a great deal of leadership experience, while having fun. The SGA allowed me to create a positive impact on the student body, by providing me with resources to create programs, and add new features on campus for the Embry-Riddle community.

In addition to serving as a representative, I was chairperson for the Environmental Awareness Committee, and Student Wellness liaison. I enjoyed every role I played a part of, and enjoyed being surrounded by the positive atmosphere of the SGA. If you are a student at Riddle, and you want to gain leadership experience, I advise that you join the Embry-Riddle SGA. It is an opportunity that allows you to develop you talents as a leader, while working with peers that share the same common goal.