Progress Committee Comments on University Improvements

Denean Kelson/SGA Vice-President

As the spring semester goes on, the Progress Committee of the SGA has been working diligently to improve student life on campus.

In the UC, we’ve added the Expression White Board next to the Sodexo food line. The whiteboard allows you, the students, to express your thoughts concerning student life on campus. If you see the expression board and have a thought, feel free to share it with us.

The committee has also been working on bringing table charging stations to the University. Hopefully, within the next year, tables in the UC will be equipped with mobile device charging stations that support Apple, Android and Windows products.

Additionally, we’re also looking to replace the bulletin boards around campus with an electronic bulletin board system that allows for universal access of information in a more interactive space saving system.

This system will allow students to electronically submit their advertisements (items for sale, places for rent, etc.), organization information and event information. The system will save resources, and will make the process to post information more streamline.

The progress committee is driven to improve student life on campus Your support means everything to us. If you’d like to share your ideas, the progress committee meets Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. in the Endeavor Conference Room on the second floor of the UC.

Middle Right: A photo of the student comments on the whiteboard in the Student Center. Opinions are largely negative.