Opinion – Homecoming Week: The New Frontier

Victoria Jordan/Staff Reporter

Being with a stressful week of school, I was extremely excited for homecoming week. Being used to dressing up in tacky clothes and costumes for a week in high school, I was curious how homecoming is for Embry-Riddle especially with starting off with the industry/career expo. As a freshman, the career expo is an opportunity to get exposure with various companies. Although you are not guaranteed an internship, I wonder how many of the recruiters you talk to will remember you for the next expo.

Overcoming the initial nerves, I was able to talk with companies such as Sabre, Envoy, National Security Agency, and Jet Support Services. Having the personal critic of my resume done by the recruiters was also valuable as they let me know how I could phrase my objects to succeed in the opportunities for a competitive internship. Friday night included the comedy show featuring comedians Ben Hague and Marina Franklin.

As the opening comedian, I appreciated the humor of Hague. His jokes were very bold but realistic for individuals in a loving relationship and live together. With every witty remark and punch line he was able to captivate the audience and get us to laugh at his jokes. I would watch him perform another standup routine in the future.  The headliner Marina Franklin also did well on stage, I enjoyed a few of her jokes.

After her remarks about the guy in the front row strangling his homecoming flamingo, it seemed fitting for Franklin to include all the students applauding her performance holding up and waving their flamingos to her snapchat story. From helping with early setup for the homecoming concert I was excited to hear the talented voices of Skylar Grey and Rachel Platten.

Onstage, the singers were very lively and extremely excited that students at our schools fly airplanes. Grey’s opening set was energizing as the lights flared and the beat of the music raced through my heart. Hearing her sing “Coming Home” and “Love the Way You Lie,” the mood became very nostalgic. Prior to coming out on stage, I wish they would have announced her name to the audience for those unaware of who she was.

Rachel Platten had a wonderful performance on stage. I enjoyed hearing the song “Stand By You” as well as the new songs from her upcoming album. Getting the chance to interact with her backstage was an exciting once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Platten was extremely friendly and very excited to meet us and take photos. With such an eventful week, there was no better way to end than with fireworks.