Now where will I Buy an African Elephant?

Mark Fetters/Staff Reporter

The seatback pocket on your next flight might be missing something. SkyMall filled for bankruptcy; SkyMall was started in 1989 and can be found in nearly every seat back pocket on US Airlines. SkyMall is not known for selling the most useful things, or anything you ever needed.

For a traveler who might have forgotten their book, or before we could use electronics from gate to gate, Skymall was there to pass the time. There has to be a curiosity as to who buys some of the stuff in the catalog and how they stayed in business so long. A Velociraptor dinosaur statue or an authentic replica British telephone booth will cost you $2,250. With the introduction of in-flight wifi, shopping has changed and more people are leaving the inflight catalog of rather quirky things alone.

While you can still buy the Seabreacher customized boat that you always wanted for $85,000, it may not be around much longer on your next flight.