New Years Eve in Times Square

Mark Fetters/The Avion Newspaper
Mark Fetters / Staff Reporter

The ten second countdown starts and everyone joins in yelling at the top of their lungs before you know it: THREE, TWO, ONE…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

While the end of the semester comes to a close ,this also means most of us will be going home or various places over winter break, and next time we are at school it will be a new year: 2015!

To bring in the 2014 New Year, I went to what is called “The Crossroads of World,” Times Square in New York City. It is one of the most iconic places to see on television around he world for New Years.

My journey started at 4 A.M. on Dec. 31st in Atlanta where I traveled up to New York with as many jackets and hats as I could carry to make sure I would stay warm as possible.

After arriving in New York, we made our way into the city where we stayed warm in Grand Central Station before walking to Times Square.

Upon arrival around 11 A.M. the crowds had already formed. You are required to be searched by the police before they put you in a pin. Once you are in the enclosed pin you are unable to leave until it is over. If you do need to leave they will not let you back.

We finally get into a pin around noon, and the waiting game begins. Every hour there is a countdown and everyone goes wild, as the cities that just hit the New Year are shown, but it also marks another hour closer till the ball drop.

The famous ball that is dropped consists of 2,688 crystals panels, is twelve feet in diameter and weighs 11,875 pounds.

Around 3 P.M. all the television stations have go through a dress rehearsal where all the artists that will be performing also get a chance to practice.

Finally, at 7 P.M., the live show starts where we get to see the live performances of Rodney Atkins, Icona Pop, Melissa Etheridge, Blondie, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Miley Cyrus. As it was very cold dancing was the best way to warm up. Finally, Melissa Etheridge came back on stage to sing Uprising of Love and has the honor of singing John Lennon’s Imagine, a tradition since 2005.

Finally, the 60 second countdown started and the ball begins to drop. When the countdown hits 0, more then one ton of confetti is dropped with the song New York New York playing in the background. No matter how you spend winter break, take time to reflect on this year and look forward to the upcoming year.