Monterey Grill Plates Perfection

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Collin Anderson/News Editor

Monterey Grill is a quaint Californian-style restaurant located in Port Orange, FL, a little way down Dunlawton. It’s got a great atmosphere and an amazing staff that you can tell genuinely cares about your dining experience. The restaurant is small and compact which lends a hand to the cozy atmosphere in the restaurant. Every seat in the house is a booth besides the bar, so there’s no fighting over the comfiest seat in the house. Their bar is small, but again comfy, and considering how relatable the staff is, it is not hard to strike up an interesting conversation with the bartender. Their menu has variety, so there is something for everyone, but the best thing was that everything was reasonably priced. Starting off the meal I indulged in some Italian Wedding Soup which tasted amazing, there was plenty of noodles and a healthy amount in the bowl. Fresh bread was also on the table with the soup and dipping the bread in was a better treat than spreading it with the butter provided, just trust me. Next, there was a healthy bowl of chicken marsala: the creamiest noodles I’ve had in a while meshed perfectly with cooked chicken and mushrooms. It tasted amazing and was the perfect amount for anyone to fill themselves up. One second I had a whole bowl full in front of me and the next it was gone.  I was tempted to ask my server where it went and hope she gave me some more. However, dinner did not conclude there, as the night ended with a hefty portion of brownie a la mode. What tasted like a just pulled from the oven brownie, was covered by two scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, and a healthy dousing of chocolate sauce. The brownie was still warm and moist, and the ice cream and whipped cream were melting on top. The entire thing melted in my mouth and I would highly recommend the splurge when going to dinner here. Our server checked on us several times throughout the meal, making great suggestions that really intensified the experience. Counting calories is not the way to go if you are going to Monterey Grill as you will want to eat everything on the menu. If you’re a student at Embry-Riddle starving for a divine homecooked meal around Volusia County, you need to visit Monterey Grill.