Mobile Extreme Environment Research Station

Credit: Jack Taylor

Skye Schwartz/MEERS Budget & Outreach

The Mobile Extreme Environment Research Station (MEERS) is a student-run project to design and build a mobile laboratory made out of a 31-foot 1976 Airstream trailer for the purpose of testing and advancing space technologies.

The primary goal of this unique project is to employ solar power generation, aeroponics (a food-growth process using fertilizer-infused water mist to nourish plant roots without the need for soil) and water filtration/reclamation to create a “stand alone” facility that can operate for at least two weeks without resupply.

When complete, MEERS will provide crew quarters for four individuals, a galley, hygiene facilities, and workstations to facilitate data collection, science, and communication with an off-site MEERS Mission Control Center (MCC).

Because MEERS is mobile, the facility can be transported to any location in the United States to support research. MEERS has involved over 100 students from Human Factors, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aviation Maintenance Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and many more through, class-related projects.

Outside of class, over 20 students volunteer their time and effort to renovate MEERS, develop marketing and fundraising efforts, and submit to local and national scientific conferences.

Join us in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to promote student research in habitat design and space technologies and inspire generations of future space researchers.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jason Kring, Department of Human Factors.

Project Manager: Tim Disher, Graduate Human Factors Student.