Making the Future of Space a Reality

Vipul Telang/ The Avion Newspaper

Abigail Johnson/Staff Reporter

When America listened to John F. Kennedy deliver his historic speech about putting a man on the moon nearly 60 years ago, they never imagined only a short time later that humanity would be close to putting a man on Mars. Technology developed in modern times has allowed private space companies to rise to power and lead the way for deep space explorations. SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin and numerous other businesses and corporations are all competing for that first attempt to put a human on another planet.

It seems that as of now, SpaceX is leading the way and has publicly announced their plans to colonize the surface of Mars. However, the victory could go to anyone as humans attempt to conquer the seemingly impossible task of exploring the rest of our solar system.

Companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin who have been around for long periods of time already have remarkable reputations in the aviation industry.

As humanity is entering a new age of modernization and knowledge, the skies no longer seem to be a limitation and these businesses are now changing their focus to look beyond the clouds and into the stars.

Other newer companies, such as Blue Origin and Orbital ATK, who focus on space operations are not as well known to the public and are still researching ways to keep up with the works of Boeing and SpaceX.

SpaceX is relatively new as well, but the company gained status with celebrity CTO Elon Musk leading the way to Mars with his Red Dragon Missions. Aviation companies Lockheed Martin and the Sierra Nevada Corporation are also keeping up with the modern trend of launching and designing reusable rockets and space capsules. The competition and financial budget are both major impacting factors of these companies getting from the ground to space. Location of the launch also plays a major role in vehicle assembly and access to launch pads. Companies like Boeing and SpaceX have contracts with NASA to work at Kennedy Space Center, and SpaceX even has exclusive rights to one of the major launch pads after renting it from NASA.

Accessibility to these launch sites may determine who reaches Mars first. It seems as if SpaceX and Boeing have a significant advantage when it comes to this factor and this could be why they are seen as being “in the lead” of this modern-day space race.

When it comes to breaking through the bounds of technology, these companies seem to be bringing the sci-fi dreams of humanity to reality as they all fight to escape the Earth’s atmosphere.

Aviation has taken a drastic and revolutionary turn in the last 60 years, and Kennedy’s speech may have been very different if he could have seen what America is pursuing today.

Dreams and plans of walking on the moon are far behind us now as the lifestyle of space travel slowly starts to become the reality of American culture.