Last Chance: Study Abroad Summer A 2017

Julianna Martorella/Office of Global Engagement

Deadlines to sign up to study abroad for the summer are approaching fast! If you want to get out of Daytona Beach for the summer and travel to a different country, now is the time to apply!

If you are interested in a Summer A study abroad, the deadline to apply and withdraw from the program is Monday, Feb. 6!

Did you know that studying abroad is typically cheaper than taking the same classes during the summer on campus? That’s because we offer half-price tuition on our programs.

Since each program we offer runs from around 3-4 weeks long, you will still have plenty of time when you come back to enjoy a long summer or stay abroad and travel more!

Learn more about our programs running this summer at our Spring Forum. The forum is on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 6:00 p.m.; free food, drinks and fun!

Following is a list of some of the programs we are offering for Summer A! Please visit our office in Building 273 Suite 200 or look us up online for program costs, professors, courses, and more details concerning each trip!

Summer A

DEADLINE: Monday, Feb. 6

ATM (France, Belgium, Germany, Washington D.C)

  • AT399 Air Traffic Mgmt
  • AT499 Air Traffic Mgmt

European Aviation Appreciation (UK, France, Germany)

  • AS384 International Aviation Appreciation
  • Potential: AS387 Crew Resource Management

Canary Islands (Spain)

  • BA399/699 Be the Change: Developing the Leader in You
  • EC299/399 Essentials of Economics (sub for EC200, EC210 or EC211)
  • HU399 Spanish Art and Literature

EEI in Berlin, Germany

  • EE335/EE336 (New catalog EE327/EE328)
  • AE/ME Approved 3CR Tech Elective

Munich, Germany

  • AE313: Space Mechanics
  • SS399: Language and Cultural in Germany

Severe Weather Forecasting (United States)

  • WX395L – Severe Storm Field Forecasting

Siena, Italy

  • HU199 Reading the City: History of Siena
  • SS199 The Italian Mind
  • Potential: HU399

SSIA Israel

  • HS399 Topics in Homeland Security
  • SS325 International Studies

UAS Disaster Relief (USA)

  • AS395XX Unmanned Aircraft Systems Disaster Relief

WW Scandinavia/Russia

  • DB students: HU399
  • WW students: HUMN 330
  • DB students: EC399 International Economics
  • WW students: ECON411

Antikythera Mechanism in Greece

DEADLINE: Jan., 31

  • CSO375 Spacesuits & Human Spaceflight Operations
  • ME306 Mechanism
  • PS224 Astronomy
  • PS302/SS302 Evolution of Scientific Thought
  • HU199 Introduction to the Ancient World: Classical Athens


  • AS309 Aerodynamics
  • Potential: HU399 Exploring Brazilian Culture

Perugia in Umbria, Italy

  • SS 325: International Studies- War & Peace in Italy
  • HS399 Topics in Homeland Security