Italy is Only A Mile Down the Road

Vipul Telang/The Avion Newspaper
A chef pulls a pizza out of one of the pizzeria’s ovens that are hand-made and imported from Naples, Italy.

Collin Anderson/Managing Editor

Tucked in the brand new One Daytona complex is a new pizzeria called MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company. MidiCi is not your typical New York or Chicago-style pizza place; this one is truly unique.

Upon opening the door, you are greeted with the ambiance that reflects a high end and expensive restaurant, but don’t let that deter you. You can see the olive tree in the center of the restaurant, the vast selection of toppings, and, MidiCi’s crown jewels, the Neapolitan pizza ovens.

The ovens are made in and imported from Naples, Italy. A third-generation family makes the ovens from scratch from materials like stone and sand. Like snowflakes, no two ovens are the same. In fact, the two ovens that they own weigh differently; the left one weighs 7,420 pounds while the right one weighs in at 8,040 pounds. The ovens are so encompassing that they built the restaurant around the ovens. They are wood-fired and can reach temperatures ranging from 800-1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is enough to cook the pizzas in about 90 seconds.  During the day the ovens are fired around the clock to ensure they don’t develop moisture in the dome.

The ovens are not only the thing blowing MidiCi’s competition out of the water. A good portion of the ingredients they use they import from Italy, which includes their tomatoes for the sauce, their flour for the dough, and meats for their toppings. In addition to this, they make their sauces and dressings. In the back, they make their dough fresh every day. It’s safe to say that almost everything they make in the restaurant is from scratch.

  The Neapolitan pizza has a relatively thin crust. Each pizza is about 10 inches in diameter and is made to order. With a seemingly endless array of toppings to choose from, you will not walk away hungry. If you aren’t feeling adventurous and don’t want to create your own, MidiCi features classic and specialty pizzas; none of which exceed $15. You can eat it with your hands, but they recommend you eat it the Neapolitan way, with a fork and knife.

  The restaurant not only serves pizza, but they also have salads, meat and cheese boards, meatballs, coffee, tea, and gelato. The gelatos change flavors daily but can be mango, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or banana dolce. Don’t worry; you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors. The restaurant also sells their raw dough so you can try to replicate their pizza at home.

  The restaurant can fall under the classification of fast-casual dining. You could take your order to go, but, with that, you miss out on half of the experience. The environment that MidiCi tries to foster is one of friendship and inclusiveness, which includes having people put their phones down and talk to those around you whether it be friends, family, or complete strangers.

Vipul Telang/The Avion Newspaper / Payton Muglia enjoys a Margherita pizza at the new pizzeria located in the One Daytona complex.

To the right of the registers, the restaurant has Polaroid cameras so you can take pictures of you and your friends. Towards the back of the restaurant is a projector that plays old, black and white Italian movies. Even in the back of the restaurant where the kitchen and dough room is, the slogan “We bring friends together” is plastered on the walls.

  MidiCi is an extraordinary restaurant that raises the bar for quality pizza, not only in Daytona but probably in the state of Florida. They also have the best staff of any restaurant. Nicole Rouse, the service manager, states that they hire people based, not solely on their
experience, but also on their personality.

So, stop in and have Michael make you his specialty, Margherita pizza, and wash it down with a fantastic cappuccino prepared by the friendliest barista Daphine. There’s no rush to go because MidiCi will not be closing anytime soon.