How to Find Your Next Best Friend

Samantha Stirmel/The Avion Newspaper
This is Ana, she’s two years and one month old! She’s looking for a new family and she loved when our photographer gave her some treats. If you’re interested in adopting Ana, or any other animal, contact Halifax Human Society!

Abby Johnson/Senior Reporter

Coming back to Daytona Beach after a long winter break can mean multiple things to different people. Maybe it means finally getting back on a schedule after much deserved lazy days. Perhaps most of the students at Embry-Riddle missed the warm weather after freezing to death in places such as Ohio, New York, or even Iowa. However, there is one thing that students will miss more than everything else: their pets. Pets are not only cute, fun, and exciting, but they are also great companions. Dogs are known to help reduce stress levels, which is probably why Riddle students miss them so much. Living on campus comes with the unfortunate rule of having no pets in the dorm rooms besides tiny fish. Unless, of course, one considers the cats that live under the buildings by the library and across from the gym as “pets,” the closest encounter you are going to get to your beloved furry friends are small swimming vertebrates that “do not do much.”

However, a way exists to end all the suffering of on-campus students who miss their dogs and cats from home. The Halifax Humane Society is right off of I-95 on the same road of the famous Tanger Outlets. It is home to around 350 animals until they can be groomed, vaccinated, and adopted out to loving owners in the Daytona Beach area. Something most people do not know is that it is not required to adopt any animals if you decide to visit. Visitors have the treat of saying hello to all the dogs and cats and are even allowed to play with the dogs in a small fenced area behind the building. From Pitbull mixes to terriers and from retrievers to Labradors, so many cute and friendly animals wait for people and future family members. Anyone who may fear dogs should know that every dog in the humane society is well mannered, if even not a little shy. The dogs are all taught basic etiquette and those that need a little help go through the Prison Program. The Prison Program is an opportunity for dogs to work with select inmates at a local facility where they will learn and be trained to behave suitably before being sent back to the humane society for adoption. Some exceptional dogs that go through the Prison Program are even chosen to enter the Paws of Freedom program, an organization that matches up veterans with a loving friend and pet.

Front Entrance to the Halifax Humane Society, where hundreds of animals are awaiting adoption. Visit today!

The dogs all are overjoyed when potential families and friends visit them. Nothing will make a person happier besides the sight of a grateful dog chasing a tennis ball after being selected to play. Making a trip to humane society will not only brighten your day but will also help the outreach of this organization to find these loving animals new homes. Volunteer opportunities are available for people who would like to spend even more time with the animals on site. These dogs and cats, who did not receive the love and care they needed before, need a second chance to find new friends and a new home. The smallest show of affection, from a pat on the head to fetching a frisbee, will not only make the animal’s day but yours as well. Who knows, you might find your next best friend as well.