How the Hunt Library is Helping the Students

Kathleen Citro/Director, Hunt Library

From the Desk of the Director of the Hunt Library:

During the 2017 spring semester, the Hunt Library distributed its annual survey, which is used to gauge overall satisfaction with the Library and to gather information regarding one or two aspects of its service. This year, students were asked about the usefulness of social media in relation to library activities. The survey results strongly suggested that most students get their information from the Library’s website and not from our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.  More importantly, students left remarks in the open comments section that informed us of several areas in need of attention.

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the open comments, many of which center on the fact that we are in temporary quarters. Until we move into the new student union/library (scheduled for August 2018), we are going to work to improve the current space and could use your help to make it as student-friendly as possible.


We know that the library is often noisy. There are some who prefer a quiet study environment and others who prefer the ability to collaborate. We strive to provide a library that meets the needs of all our students, which is why we have designated quiet areas, individual study carrels, leisure seating, and group study areas.

What are we doing?

We will review our policy and try to better define what level of noise is acceptable and work towards enforcing that. We are also adding more seats to the quiet area.

How can you help?

Let us know if the noise is excessive or disruptive and we will address it immediately. Try to keep your volume at a minimum.

Study Space

We are aware that we do not have enough study space in ourtemporary facility.

What are we doing?

We maintain a list of alternative on-campus study spaces.  This summer we will implement an online reservation system for our small study rooms.

How can you help?

Please refer to our website or stop by the ASK or BORROW desk for a flyer listing the additional study spaces.


Since food and drink are allowed in the library, the tables and desktops are often dirty and sticky.

What are we doing?

We have a systematic program of wiping down the keyboards, desktops and tables/carrels. We will be more diligent with these activities. We have requested more cleaning services from the university. We are also reviewing options for the carpet which is permanently stained due to high traffic.

How can you help?

Be mindful of cleaning up after yourselves. There are disinfectant wipes in several key locations. Let us know about spills or problem areas so that we can address them immediately.


More leisure books, a more robust reserve collection of textbooks, and quicker access to items in storage were themes expressed in this survey.

What are we doing?

We are reviewing our leisure collection selection process. We will bring back some fiction that is currently in storage. We will attempt to identify textbooks that are often requested and work with the faculty to have a copy put on reserve.  We plan to add back to the main collection books that are requested from storage. We are also adding more runs to our storage area every day so that books will be available to you more quickly.

How can you help?

Ask your professors to put your textbook on reserve. For leisure reading, we need to know what you want. Talk to a Research Librarian for assistance with finding leisure books.


We are happy to report that this summer, I.T. addressed the problem of lengthy login times and intermittent Wi-Fi problems by upgrading the computers and Wi-Fi.

Looking to the future:

The new library will eliminate most of these problems as our seating and study space will include quiet study areas, low-level noise areas, collaboration space, more computers, group study space with online scheduling, and more. We hope that the new library is a popular destination for our students and that the services, environment, and seating options satisfy the study needs of all our users. Until then, the Hunt Library staff is sincere in our efforts to do the best with what we have. Suggestions are always welcome. Please contact Kathleen Citro, the Hunt Library Director, at, with your thoughts.