Hot New Shingles In Your Area

Photo Courtesy: Business Insider

Samantha Stirmel/Business Manager

Tesla Motors, one of Elon Musk’s famed enterprises, is dipping its toes further into some other business within the first half of 2018. After Tesla absorbed the company Solar City in the middle of 2016, Tesla’s power walls and solar roofs have gained much media attention. Keeping with this progression, some Home Depots across the nation will be featuring Tesla displays of their power products; the nearest of which will be in Orlando, Florida. 

While some of the 800 Home Depot locations will have basic displays in their stores, others will have visible exhibits showing exactly how the technology works. Right now, the store’s displays will feature solar panels and Powerwalls. Within the near future, the industry expects for the solar roofs also to be present. However, this is nothing new for Home Depot, as before Tesla purchased Solar City, the two companies had worked together.

This will be the first time that these specific products will be visible in stores and can be seen as a massive gamble for Tesla since other brands overseas have stayed far out of the American sphere with solar technology. Ikea is one of these such companies that have kept their solar enterprises out of America, as they have a lot of mainstream interest throughout Europe.

Solar panel installations for Tesla cost between $10,000-30,000; however, because of President Trump’s new import tariffs, those prices are expected to rise five percent. There is some time, as the five percent increase will take effect only after the United States imports 2.5 gigawatts worth of solar panels. Some good may come out of this though, as to combat this increase in prices, Tesla is seriously looking into assembling the solar panels in America since tariffs only affect fully assembled imported solar panels. They have already been ramping up production at Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York, one of Solar City’s factories. 

According to many online websites, the popular thought is that Tesla is doing this to market their brand and see if the American consumer is ready to head towards their newest enterprise, solar roofing tiles. They have been a long time coming, with only Tesla employees allowed to use them up until recently when in Jan. 2018 they started at the top of their wait list for this brand-new way of roofing.

One particular detail that Tesla released about this brand-new tiling is that is has a lifetime warranty, which may soften the blow of the gross cost fee of about $51,000 for installation. specifically ran numbers on a solar roof versus regular solar panels, and while both will run you a pretty penny, it’s hard to tell where the value is and will be in the next 15-20 years. The website allows you to look up your energy savings by state, as tax breaks are different everywhere, and can give an idea as to what it would be like if one was curious.