Holy Frap! The New UC’s Starbucks is Bigger Than Ever!

Photo Courtesy: Sodexo and Starbucks

An inside look into the food options in the new Student Union

Collin Anderson/News Editor

The final list of the food options that will be featured in the new Student Union has been released. Excluding Starbucks, all the dining services will be on the first floor towards the western portion of the Student Union.

The most notable upgrade coming to the Student Union is a full-service Chick-fil-A. Torrie Smith, the Sodexo operations manager on campus, explained that this Chick-fil-A would be like the ones in Daytona and Port Orange regarding the menu. This means that milkshakes, ice cream, and other menu items not offered in the UC’s Chick-fil-A Express will now be available for consumption.

A close second in popularity to Chick-fil-A will be the debut of Qdoba. Qdoba is a Mexican chain restaurant that can best be described as being similar to Moe’s or Chipotle. This comes as a significant upgrade from the Landing Strip’s “fake Chipotle.” The offerings will be similar with Qdoba serving tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and rice bowls.

Other upgrades include Propellers moving out of the trailer on Legacy Walkway and into the Student Union. Their space will be bigger than what they had at the restaurant behind the College of Aviation that was demolished about two years ago. From what Smith told the Avion, the menu items have not seemed to change. The other upgrade comes to Starbucks which will be on the second floor. This Starbucks will be bigger than the current or previous iterations and boasts more seating. It will have a more open feel and will also be getting furniture to give it a modern vibe. An annexed part of Starbucks will showcase students’ photography and artwork. With the library occupying half of the third floor and all of the fourth floor, students will have to walk a bit from the library to get their caffeine fix.

Other dining options in the upcoming Student Union include a “food servery area.” This concept will be similar to a food court. This will include pizza, which is still being debated as to whether or not be a brick oven, a deli, a salad bar, a grill and comfort station. The last four options are the same as what the UC has currently. The back of the dining area is a network of halls and rooms where Sodexo employees can wheel carts and transport food back and forth to each of the dining locations. This will significantly decrease the traffic in the halls and students will not have to worry about being hit with carts.

With these upgrades comes some questions. For instance, what will happen to Freshens? Freshens will not be in the Student Union and, therefore, its future is solely dependent on the future of the Student Center which has not yet been decided. It may be torn down or converted to something else.

After the Student Union is completed, construction will begin on the newest dorm in the lot between Apollo and New Dorm. The first floor, of which, will have an all-you-can-eat buffet. This means that the space where the buffet is now in the Student Village is open to a plethora of options in the coming years.

With the Student Union being a mere semester away from completion, The Avion Newspaper will provide as many updates as possible as they become available. Please check back next semester to learn more about the new Student Union.