Get Your Art On, ERAU!

Courtesy of Professor Liron
Caroline Liron / Professor of Engineering Fundamentals

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an “Engineer”? Smart or good at math or hard-worker? While all these are correct, there seems to be a lack of a certain ‘human’ aspect. Engineers are also musicians, artists, charity workers, volunteers etc. The creative aspect of an engineer, used to solve complex problems, is also very present in their daily non-technical tasks.

The Engineering Fundamentals (E-Fun) department, located on the first floor of the Lehman Building, wants to showcase that aspect of our student body. Since the department has moved in to their new suites, the walls are bare looking. We could go buy art at some store; but why spend the budget when we have the best resource at our disposal, our student body.

We are inviting students, from freshmen to seniors, and from all departments to participate in this art contest. We are also looking for one faculty judge from each department to help us determine the winners. The categories for this contest are listed on the right. While the categories may look restrictive, we want you to use your imagination.

Three prizes will be announced in each category. The deadline to sign-up for this contest is Nov 1. Contact Ms. Liron for a sign-up sheet at, or drop by her office in LB121.

The event is due Jan.  17, 2015 after Christmas break so it doesn’t interfere with finals or other events.

Courtesy of Professor Liron

Courtesy of Professor Liron