Get Involved with the Eagle Nation

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University may be known as the “University of the Sky”, but by no means are the members of the eagle nation solely dedicated to only flying. At the club fair that took place last week on Tuesday, the well-rounded interests of our campus community were showcased by the various clubs and organizations that help students explore and enjoy their interests.

At the fair, groups of all kinds were in attendance. Including groups whom their memberships are dedicated to a specific part of the aerospace industry such as; Eagle Sport Aviation (ESA), The Skydiving Team, Society for S.P.A.C.E., and the Unmanned Aerial Systems Club (UAS Club). Which allow for students to have experience in many parts of the aerospace industry inside and outside of their major. 

Along with the clubs here on campus that focus primarily on aerospace topics, there were also many other scholastic, technology, and adventure clubs. Some of which are; the Robotics team, Medical team, Red Flag, Rock Climbing Club, Drama Club, and The Airsoft Club. These help the members of the eagle nation become well rounded by allowing them to participate in something that may not be part of their normal course work.

Also at the fair, there were many different intermural sporting activities. Including but not limited to; rowing, sailing, paintball, and lacrosse. Which gives members a chance to exhibit their athletic prowess, even if they are not a member of one of the school’s main NAIA sports teams.

Finally, to spotlight the diversity on the Embry-Riddle Campus, there are many organizations to represent the different religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds that our student body comes from. A few being; Baptist College Ministries, The African Student Union, and The International Student Union. Along with many others representing other faiths, cultures and ethnicities.

If you missed the fair or would like to know more about the different clubs and organizations here on campus please visit ERAU Connection. The link there can be found on the ERNIE home screen.

— Mike Shekari