Fortnite Battle Royale: Cartoon Chaos and Strategy

Peter Vane/WIKD On-Air DJ

Fortnite Battle Royale is a new free-to-play, third-person shooter from Epic Games. The “Battle Royale” mode stands separate from the forty-dollar zombie-survival game that goes by the name Fortnite. This game immediately caught my attention when the cartoon graphics of the cover seemed to jump out of the PlayStation Store and into my bedroom.

Overall, the game hits its mark as a reliable free-to-play, but I really hope to see some more content added in the future. 

The game relies on indirect humor and a lot of strategy. From the second a player jumps out of a “party bus” suspended by a hot air balloon to the second they die a horrible death (or on the rare occasion, win), the fun is nonstop.

A player is randomly given one of a few simple, animated characters and thrown into the Battle Royale battlefield where everyone fights to the death. One can play solo, duo, or as a team of four friends willing to risk their lives for a chance of picking up the acclaimed rocket launcher that shoots explosive pumpkins at the enemy’s towering fort.

Once a player parachutes in, he must immediately start looking for weapons to defend himself. However, he cannot hide from his impending doom forever because a deadly storm is approaching which makes all the players migrate to a randomly selected place on the map. This forces all the players to end up closer to one another, making more of the firefights happen closer to the end of the match if a player makes it that far.

Game-play is surprisingly smooth and reliable for a free to play game. Shooting is extremely fast, and if a player has quick reflexes, he can do very well. Although snipers can get a one-shot kill on someone who has not had the opportunity to find armor, the bullet drop pretty much evens them out. Shotguns are just as powerful as they should be, but if someone wants to win, the machine guns are the way to go.

However, gun-play is only half the story. The main factor which makes Fortnite Battle Royale stand out is the building mechanic. One can easily mine and build all the walls, stairs, and floors as their heart desires.

Traps can even be found throughout the map that can be built into structures to kill opponents immediately. This element adds multiple amounts of fun into the game.