Food Adventure: Zen Bistro

Alessia Ames/Correspondent

The food adventure of the week was to the Zen Bistro that serves authentic Thai cuisines. The Embry-Riddle parking situation is crazy, but it is just as bad, if not worse, at the bistro. Located on Magnolia Avenue, the establishment is required to share parking spots with all the
other buildings around it.

When approaching the restaurant, you walk through the outside portion that you can sit at, which is only lit by torches and is very relaxing. The soft instrumental music played is soothing. The music is played softly, allowing for conversations without having to yell to talk over the noise. The color scheme is natural and comforting both outside and inside. When walking to the front desk to be seated, you can ask to sit outside or just ask for takeout.

For this trip, my adventure assistant and I sat inside, loving the dim lighting and the Himalayan salt lamp on the front counter. This trip was the same as any other adventure to this bistro: a
server with a sweet smile and being attended to occasionally.

I ordered water with lemon, which influenced my friend to get the same. When they brought out the water, they also gave us a refillable water jug, that way we could use to refill our glasses when we need. The restaurant was busy when we arrived, which foreshadowed a bit of a wait, which was not all that bad. It was roughly a 15-minute wait, and we had the server even walk by apologizing for the delay and reassuring that the food was on its way. The wait was worth every second.

Going to a Thai bistro, I decided to order from the portion of the menu titled ‘Thai Noodles’ and got the Pad Thai with chicken and medium heat. With any meal you order, they ask you what kind of heat level you would like, mild, medium, hot or Thai hot. The noodles were cooked perfectly, and the sauce was extremely flavorful. My goodness, the combination was heavenly. My friend is Korean and ordered the fried rice with chicken at Thai hot. She told me that it was amazing, she loved the flavors. She loves dangerously spicy foods, so the Thai hot was what she wanted. We have decided to go there once a month now as a trip to get away.

Overall, given the atmosphere, the service, the food and the wait, I would rate Zen Bistro 5 out of 5 Avions. The feeling of being at ease starts as you walk into the establishment and does not go away until you do. Considering the ability to customize your food with everything cooked in-house, the welcoming servers, the amazing flavor and even the price, you feel like you are truly getting your money’s worth given the portion sizes.