Food Adventure: Fancy Q’s Sushi and Thai Restaurant

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Alessia Ames/Correspondent

Food adventures are always nice when you can feel relaxed. So, if youwant some sushi in a comfortable place to go sit down, and feel comfortable talk to the people you go with . It is the perfect place to get away. Fancy Q’s is the place to go. The layout of the restaurant gives an average amount of spacing between tables. On the sides of the establishment, the half booth and half tables are kind of close but not to the point of being socially unacceptable. As you sit down, someone is there to ask what you would like to drink; someone different asks you what you would like to order. Every time I have visited Fancy Q’s I have had multiple waiters or waitresses. This makes it great because someone is always walking around to see if you need a refill on your drink or have a question. Only once have I had someone with an attitude that was very short. This select person was one of the people that took my order this trip, and we did not have a problem.

When looking at the menu, there are appetizers, soups & salads, entrées, sides and dessert options. The entrées range from sushi (raw, cooked, specialty, a la carte), hibachi grill, tempura, udon, curry, Thai noodle & Mongolian dishes and bento boxes. No matter what you order they bring a simple mushroom soup, then depending on what kind of entrée is ordered, you get a free ginger salad or a small holiday sushi roll. At dinner time,  they provide you get a free dessert order of fried Oreos (one for each person at the table) in a dish with whip cream.

On this trip, the person I adventured with and I got only sushi. As soon as we sat down, someone came to ask for drinks then handed us the complimentary soup. After ordering the Alaska roll (with added mango on top) for myself, the dynamite roll to share, and for my friend a Ginza roll, we received the holiday roll complimentary to the table. For each roll of sushi, the rice had a very nice texture, and solidly stuck together so when you used chopsticks the piece did not break apart. My company commented that the rice had a slight vinegar hint to it; I did not taste this though. Each roll came in eight pieces and were not just tiny slivers; about three-quarters of an inch to an inch thick. I put wasabi in my soy sauce then dunked the sushi in that and their ‘yum sauce’ which lives up to the name, it is very yummy. The combination of all the flavors was like a food choir singing a hymn with each other.