Embrace the Dark

Photo Courtesy: Netflix

Levi Duncan/Staff Reporter

I’m here to tell you about the Netflix show Dark. Dark is a show that takes a lot of pieces from great shows over the years.  It tells stories from multiple points in time all within a small town. It has missing children, some of whom turn up dead.

It has a melodramatic score that occasionally features hit songs from the 80s. No this isn’t Stranger Things, it isn’t Lost, but it is just as good. It’s at once a distillation of prestige television from the past decade and a show that has a unique story that stands on its own.

One of those unique things is the language. You see, Dark is set in Germany and is in German. While there is a dubbed version available, I’ll give the same recommendation that weebs everywhere give about shows from a completely different genre. Watch it with subtitles.  For me, the foreign language only helped add to the show.  This show lives in its tone.

The rain, the forest, the music, the foreign language and even the slightly-
disturbing but beautiful intro theme all help build a show where you just feel “something isn’t right.” Along the way, Dark tells you a compelling story that keeps you guessing as it takes you on twists and turns.  The whole time you wonder just how everything is connected.

  One criticism I always had for Stranger Things was, as much as I loved the vibe and the kid’s performances, the Upside Down mythology always seemed bland and a weak point of the story.

With Dark, the mystery of it all is one of the most intriguing parts. The parents in this story don’t take a backseat like Stranger Things. The history they’ve had, the secrets they hold, and the sins they’ve committed are very much front and center, and they affect their children in very clear ways.

So watch Dark, it’s the best television I’ve seen in a while. It never slows down, has characters to love, characters to hate, deep mythology, and plenty of twists.

You can watch it on Netflix, but with Dark, the question isn’t how, but when.