DUI Simulator Brought to Campus

Michael Wildes/SGA SRB Safe Ride Committee Member

Every Semester, the Safe Ride Committee plans strategic events for the benefits of students. The aim is to educate students about maintaining safety on the roadway while also being a fun outlet for students to experience something new. This semester, Safe Ride worked in conjunction with CEP Incorporated to bring to the campus a DUI Simulator for students to get the opportunity to learn what the impacts are of driving under the influence.

CEP Inc. is a company that specializes in providing exciting and educational events to universities, and they brought their expertise to our campus on April 2nd. They brought their cutting edge DUI simulator and set up on the West Lawn so that any student who was willing and able could experience for him or herself the influence alcohol or drugs has on their cognitive abilities. Unlike many other simulators, CEP Inc. brought an actual vehicle onto campus and allowed students to drive on a computer controlled road simulator via simulator sensors.

What made it even more unique was that students who participated had to give their personal statistics (weight, height, age, gender, etc.) to the technicians present who would then create the augmented environment tailored to that one student. Obviously, it proved to be very fun and educational to students on campus.

Drunk Driving has steadily been the number cause of death for Americans between the ages of 15-24- the age most people are in college. You can probably think of one person in your life who has had an accident because of being under the influence, running into someone under the influence, or furthermore, someone who has died because of this.

Alcohol significantly impairs cognitive abilities, judgment, and response times in people, and when students do not practice safe road rule, like wearing their seatbelts, for instance, the risk is further compounded.

With this activity, Safe Ride aimed to be a meaningful source of guidance on campus for students. One of the benefits of Safe Ride on Embry-Riddle’s campus is to have a relief driver in the form a taxicab that can pick students up almost anywhere in Daytona Beach if they have had too many drinks and don’t think it is safe to drive home. We have been able to do this for a flat fee, and students consider it a huge benefit. If you have not already sign up for this, visit our SGA office in the Student Center and speak to a receptionist. It takes 5 minutes, is FREE, and will save you money.

For the 100 students who came out to participate in our event this semester, we are certain that they are much more aware of the danger off driving under the influence. Safe Ride hopes to continue this venture in the form of DUI and Distracted Driving Simulators for years to come!