Don’t Regret Not Studying Abroad

Thomas Guba - The Avion Newspaper
Thomas Guba / Correspondent

As human beings we are innately imperfect; prone to mistakes and decisions that we later regret. Additionally, we also miss opportunities that we know we have. What if somehow we could predict the future and truly understand and see the faults in the decisions we do or do not make? For instance, what if you had an opportunity to Study Abroad next semester in a foreign country but you did not take it.

If you had the ability to go back in time and take that trip to a foreign country and you ended up meeting the best friend of your life, or you ended up meeting your future spouse, or making a business connection that netted you the most enjoyable and rewarding career of your life?

Every staff member of the Office of Global Engagement has studied abroad in another country and had positive experiences that they will never forget. As college students we are here to study, attain a diploma, and become employed. However, the life experiences that come with cultural exposure to a completely new and foreign environment is a type of education that a dollar sign cannot be stamped on. Personally, as a member of the Office of the Global Engagement staff, I had the most unforgettable and truly life changing experience of my life abroad.

I went to a different country for a semester not knowing really anything about what I wanted to do with my life, but I came back a different person with a goal, renewed drive, and now I am returning to this country to live and work. I want everyone to have an experience like this, but YOU have to be the one that makes the choice.

Technically our deadline for a semester long exchange in spring 2015 has passed, but most foreign universities will not start classes until sometime in January or February. If this article has convinced you to take a chance on an opportunity like this you MUST come by our office in the student center annex (room 263) as soon as possible so we can start processing your paperwork immediately.

This is Tobias Gerber who studied in New Zealand for a semester it is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Don’t be that person that regrets not studying abroad. Only you can take control of your life and see where an experience like this could take you.