Deadline to Apply for GE³’s Semester Abroad Due Oct. 1st

Office of Global Engagement

Recognizing a growing demand for internationally-experienced engineering graduates, a group of leading universities around the world established the Global E3, the Global Engineering Education Exchange Program, in 1995.

Global E³ is an exchange program for engineering students; a student can study abroad while continuing to pay tuition at home.

With member universities in 24 countries, students at over 70 universities have the opportunity to study abroad. Global E³ exchanges about 200-250 students a year. Global E3 allows engineering students at member universities to enjoy a fulfilling study abroad experience.

Through participation in the program, Global E3 graduates gain the necessary foreign language ability, cross-cultural skills, and professional experience to excel in the multinational and multicultural business environment of the 21st century.

The importance of this unique program has been recognized by the National Science Foundation, AT&T Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education, all of which provided the start-up funds for the program. The program is sustained with membership fees from participating universities and from corporations.

Top engineering students from Participating Institutions apply to study abroad for a semester up to 1 year.

Global E3 students pay tuition at their home institution and enjoy the benefits of attending an overseas one!

Students can study abroad for the fall semester, spring semester, or the entire school year.

Global E3 students are able to take on a supplemental internships after their study abroad experience. Not all member universities offer this option but those that do help provide students with industrial placements near the university, co-op internships within the university, and more.

Students should apply to Global E3 in the academic term before their study abroad program begins. The deadline for Spring study abroad is Thursday the 1st of October; the deadline for Fall/Academic Year study abroad is in early March. Please contact us ASAP in the Office of Global Engagement on the second floor of the student Annex above the library. We are located next to records and registrations. Please visit our website for more information on GE³ applications.