Interested in learning how to write for a newspaper, photograph events like rocket launches, or use graphic design skills to lay out newspapers? Want to learn how to do these things for free?  Then the Avion Newspaper can help. No skill or experience is needed – we are willing and eager to teach you these skills and more.  Visit the Join page for more information.

Interested in contributing to The Avion Newspaper yourself? Check out our Submit page to found out how!

Organizations can request coverage of their events.  Any requests for a reporter, photographer, or videographer must be made in writing, no less than 14 days prior to the event.

The Avion Newspaper will try their best to accommodate your event but your submission does not guarantee that a photographer or reporter will be available to cover your event.

Download, and fill out the PDF file provided below and contact the Photo Editor – Vipul Telang – at

Remember, all photographers and reporters are ERAU student volunteers with classes, work, and other commitments.

The Avion Newspaper is a division of the Student Government Association and receives all benefits entitled to it under its affiliation.