Campus Safety Recognizes Lieutenant Norm Kenaiou

Photo Credit: Campus Safety and Security

Photo Credit: Campus Safety and Security / Lieutenant Norm Kenaiou poses for a photo. Lieutenant Kenaiou has prevented two bicycle thefts since New Year’s by apprehending the suspects and alerting the Daytona Beach Police Department, thereby protecting students and their property. He is bilingual and spent 27 years with Daytona Beach PD.

Lt. Jaime Gonzalez/Campus Safety and Security

Bicycle thefts on our campus are a problem we take very seriously at the Safety & Security Department. A thief typically finds an easy-to-cut cable lock on the target bike, if it’s even locked at all. It’s one of the major reasons we started the Lease-A-Lock program many years ago. We try and educate our students on how the program works through the University 101 classes, resource fairs, placing flyers on residence halls, and by using our Student Crime Prevention Practitioners to promote the program. Our Lease-A-Lock Program has prevented numerous bike thefts, but we cannot stop them all from happening, as some students are not taking full advantage of this program. The good news is that at the time this article was written we’ve only had one stolen bicycle since the beginning of 2016. The reason was that the stolen bike had a cable lock and not the Kryptonite U lock type we recommend. Protect your bike or motorcycle with this program. Call or email Jaime Gonzalez for details.

Campus Safety & Security would also like the ERAU community to know one of our day shift officers, Lt. Norm Kenaiou. He’s been with our Department a little over three years. Norm is bilingual and served as a police officer for the city of Daytona Beach for 27 years. He brings a great deal of experience to our Campus Safety & Security Department. Speaking of bike thefts, he recently prevented two this year by apprehending the suspects and alerting the Daytona Beach Police Department. Both suspects were turned over to police and issued trespass warnings from our campus. His vigilance and alertness prevented the theft of these two bicycles and protected our students and their property.
Here are some of the crime statistics for the City of Daytona Beach in the district where our campus is located. From the dates of 1-10-16 to 1-23-16 there were thirteen stolen vehicles, most of which were left running, unattended, or with keys left in the ignition. Of the twenty-eight cars were broken into recently, twenty-seven were left unlocked. So make sure you always lock your vehicles, whether on or off campus. Pay particular attention, especially when refueling your vehicle. Never leave your vehicle running or with your keys inside. It only takes seconds for someone to jump in and take your car.

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