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Photo Courtesy/Campus Security. The Student Crime Prevention Practitioner Program, also known as the SCPP Program, is a program created and overseen by the University’s Department of Safety & Security. The SCPP Program is fully staffed by Embry-Riddle students. The program provides an array of services to students, staff, and community as a whole. Services include high-profile security at on-campus events such as various Speaker Series. The program also provides a late night Safe Ride service in which charters students to and from any location throughout campus. This service begins at 7:00 p.m. and can be requested by calling the Safety & Security Department. The SCPP also provides daily campus-wide patrols. A Student Crime Prevention Practitioner’s duty is to serve the community and help create a safer campus climate. This commitment includes personal safety, crime and theft prevention, and escorts. All these services are accessible by contacting the University’s Department of Safety & Security.

Kevin Mannix/Director, Campus Safety and Security

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Welcome to Embry-Riddle. With the start of the new academic year, the Campus Safety & Security Department is here to assist you with a variety of services that will help you adjust to campus life.

Our officers patrol the campus twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. You can reach us by calling 386-226-6480, or by visiting our twenty-four hour Communications Center located in the Safety Services office at the front the Student Center. The Communications Center is also the location of the campus Lost & Found. Our Administrative and Crime Prevention offices are located in Mod 3 by McKay. Do you have any special request for room unlocks, study groups, clubs and organizations or events? Send us an e-mail at, or call our Administrative Office at 386-226-6490. You can also file an incident report here.

For emergencies or to report a crime in progress dial 386-226-SAFE (7233). We encourage you to program these numbers into your cell phone. When reporting an emergency or crime in progress, provide as much detailed information as possible about the situation. Use one of the emergency phones located throughout campus and in all of the residence halls. Simply push the button and you will be connected to the Communications Center. Do not let the emergency label be confusing when you need us – you can use them anytime you require assistance. We enjoy a beautiful campus and share the responsibility to keep it safe and secure. Call us whenever you see a suspicious or hazardous condition.

At Embry-Riddle, we stress personal safety and crime prevention. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Do not leave any property unattended or in an unsecured office or dorm room. Always lock your door, even if you are leaving just for a second. Never leave valuables where someone passing by could easily see them. Burglaries and thefts can occur at Embry-Riddle and crime prevention practices could have prevented almost every one of them. You CAN protect yourself from becoming a victim!

Do not forget to meet the Student Crime Prevention Practitioner (SCPPs) assigned to your residence hall. The SCPPs are fellow students who can assist you in a variety of ways and provide you with information on the various crime prevention programs and resources available to you.

Remember all vehicles on campus must be registered. View the Parking & Traffic Handbook online for parking rules and regulations at Do you have a bicycle or motorcycle? You will increase your chance of recovering a stolen bike by registering it with the University. It is also strongly recommended to lock up your bike when not in use. Don’t have a lock? No problem! You can lease a Kryptonite U-Lock for as little as $36 for bicycles and $60 for motorcycles. At the end of the rental period, upon returning the lock, you are credited the amount of the lock back on your student account. Visit the Safety Services office for more information on the Lease-A-Lock Program today!

Have you signed up for Rave emergency notifications? It’s fast, easy, and most important, it’s FREE! Just sign in to your main ERNIE Homepage and click on the Rave (Emergency Notifications) near the bottom of the page under Tools.

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We can make the campus a safe and secure environment for everyone by working together as a team.

Campus Safety & Security – It’s In Your Interest!!