‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Game Review: “Don’t Land on Europa”

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Henry Neiberlien/News Editor

This year Activision released their annual Call of Duty title, and by this point in the franchise, Infinite Warfare being the 13th game in the series, many people have become tired of the same or similar gameplay, the simplistic plotline, and the same multiplayer offered year after year.

Of course, many purchase Call of Duty for the multiplayer; however, this year the campaign outshines what multiplayer offers. Infinite Warfare’s developer went all in on a fantastic sci-fi adventure through the solar system and left the multiplayer with much to be desired.

This year’s Call of Duty has been met with much controversy. The original reveal trailer has amassed over 3 three million dislikes on Youtube, making it one of the most disliked videos of all time.

This backlash seems to be focused on the setting, as many fans were hoping for the franchise to return to the second world war that was teased during a level of last year’s Black Ops III. Many are tired of the futuristic setting that the franchise has maintained for the previous five games and people were hoping for a change.

Although its setting is futuristic, after playing through Infinite Warfare, the setting has little effect on gameplay, and it feels much more like boots on the ground warfare than hyper-paced Advanced Warfare and lacks the futuristic cybernetic abilities of Black Ops III.

The campaign is the main reason to purchase Infinite Warfare, as it is a great rollercoaster ride filled with excitement, but it also slows down and lets you enjoy those moments while providing a sense of choice on what missions to partake in next.

A massive spacecraft carrier called the UNSA Retribution is the home base that you will return to after every mission and here you can read up on enemy intel, watch news reports about your actions, and select your loadout for your next mission. Then you will hop into a space fighter called the Jackal and take to the stars.

You have full control of the Jackal in space as you fly around engaging enemy fighters and warships, then you can land and board enemy vessels or engage the enemy on foot on the surface of the Moon or Mars. Do not expect too much scientific accuracy, as the gravity is either Earth-like or zero-g; not in between or beyond.

However, the game does a good job of maintaining suspension of disbelief as it keeps you occupied on your objective, not how the jackal is a VTOL but needs to do a rolling landing on the carrier in the vacuum of space. The campaign also includes compelling characters, especially a robot named Ethan, that actually made me care for the first time in a while during a Call of Duty campaign.

The main antagonist Admiral Kotch is played by Kit Harington of Game of Thrones fame. Unfortunately, he only has a couple of lines in the whole game and is kind of a throwaway character. The game chooses to focus on you, Nick Reyes, and how you take command of the “Ret” when its captain is killed and trying to save the lives of your crew during a war that seems unwinnable.

Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer is almost the exact same as Black Ops III, although somewhat worse, as the spawning is terrible. It also carries over the special abilities of the specialist in Black Ops III and the wall running movement system.

I do feel the movement is a lot slower in multiplayer this time around, and it makes you feel as though there is more gravity, not less. It is still fun at times, but the clunkiness of the movement and the fact there is no need to walk run anymore make multiplayer a pass, especially if you played the last year’s Call of Duty.

Zombies returns this year as well, and it takes place in an 80’s theme park. It feels like a totally different game and brings on the nostalgia factor quite hard. I do not like the Zombies mode normally, but this time it was a blast.

In conclusion, Infinite Warfare is not the terrible game we thought it was going to be, it just ended up being ok. I recommend playing the campaign, but the multiplayer is skippable. If you are not a big fan of campaigns or sci-fi like me then just wait for Modern Warfare Remastered to be sold separately and pick that up instead, as it is a perfect remake of one the best games of all time.