Brothers Volunteer as Bomb Victims

Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega and Delta Upsilon volunteered as bomb victims in a disaster drill put on by Volusia County Fire Services and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University on September 6th.  

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed international service fraternity founded on the principles of Leadership, Fellowship, and Service.

The drill was staged so members of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) could practice skills that could be used in real emergency situations. 

Photo Courtesy: Alpha Phi Omega

Photo Courtesy: Alpha Phi Omega

Photo Courtesy: Alpha Phi Omega

Photo Courtesy: Alpha Phi Omega

Brothers of the two organizations volunteered to act as victims in an explosion to give the CERT members live victims on whom to practice emergency medical treatment, search and rescue techniques, and team organization.  CERT teams receive basic training in disaster response skills to serve their community in times of emergencies. 

Victims were dressed with make-up to simulate various injuries, such as severe burns, cuts, and ruptured internal organs. The victims were then placed in a field where a bomb explosion was simulated and CERT team members had to quickly determine if the area was safe, if there were injured people, and treat them as quickly as possible. “Not only did we play the part of victims”, said APO brother, Kristin Stillwell, “but with the help of the CERT makeup artist, we looked the part too, adding to the realism that made the drill so successful”. 

It was really interesting to use my acting skills to freak out the team members,” said APO brother Stan Letchev.

CERT stages many of these simulations across Florida and already brothers have expressed their desire to volunteer for CERT again as victims. “I thought that working with CERT was a really cool, unique experience that I definitely want to be part of again,” said Ben Tardibuono, a brother from Delta Upsilon. “Not only was it fun, but I got to see and experience how an Emergency Response Team would function in an emergency situation.”

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–James Glenister