British Airways and Study Abroad

This past summer Professor John Ledgerwood and Dr. Tamilla Curtis expanded their summer study abroad program to include a unique opportunity for ERAU students to visit British Airways (BA) in London, England and to attend the Farnborough Air show celebrating 100 years of Aviation History.

This summer study abroad program takes place every year during the summer B semester and includes visits to local businesses to expand student understanding of entrepreneurship and the international
business environment.

Students have visited  businesses such as Roll-Royce Aerospace in Bristol, the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant, McNulty Offshore oil rig manufacturing, Bankend Cattery, T.W. West Agricultural Contractors, Dave Milling Motorcycles, Ltd in the north of England and  in London, the British Airways headquarters.

The British Airways visit included a one day workshop at the BA Community Learning Center conducted by Ms. Jenny Pearson, Sustainable Education Project Manager. The BA Learning Center was opened in 1999 to develop community partnerships and to educate the general public
about British Airways.

Over 75,000 students have been educated at the Center so far. Embry-Riddle students participated in the leadership and team building exercises, and learned different aspects of British Airways including what steps BA are taking to minimize its impact
on the environment.

Students had a tour of the BA Waterside headquarters, which looks like a town with pavements and trees inside a
large glass structure.

Approximately 4,000 BA employees work inside. In addition to work stations and training facilities, the BA headquarters offers a number of services to its employees: supermarket, health center, beauty salon, hairdresser, travel center, bank, restaurants, cafes, book fairs and a
400-seater auditorium.

This environment truly reflects the BA customer-oriented culture. Additionally, students had a tour of the Speedbird Center, which hosts the BA Heritage collection.

The tour was conducted by Mr. Keith Heywood. One of the areas was devoted to the Concord.  Students also visited the open-plan BA offices and observed the flight attendants first-class training.  After returning to the Community Learning Center students were divided into two groups. They were tasked to provide an elevator pitch to set up a new airline. Students’ presentations were conducted inside the aircraft cabin, which was set up in the Learning
Community Center.

Additionally, students learned about aircraft safety procedures, how to make announcements, and even tried on BA uniforms.

The Great British tour is indeed a unique opportunity for ERAU students and has become very popular. Space is limited so if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity please talk to
Dr. Curtis or Professor Ledgerwood in the College of Business and
sign up as soon as possible.

—Prof. Ledgerwood


Photo Credit - Dr. Curtis

Photo Credit – Dr. Curtis