Bonus Bucks Auction

Emily Rickel/Staff Reporter

Over 150 students exchanged their hard-earned Bonus Bucks for an auction paddle at the Bonus Bucks Auction sponsored by Student Engagement & Student Union and the Student Government Association (SGA) on Nov. 29.

First implemented in 2008, the Bonus Bucks Program is meant to encourage students to attend campus events. “Our department sees great value in co-curricular involvement and students engaging with various campus events throughout the year,” explained Dustin Beech, Assistant Director for Campus Activities. “We believe that academic, cultural and social events enhance and complement the student experience.”

To participate in the Bonus Bucks Program, students can attend select campus events and swipe their EAGLEcard with an event representative to collect pretend monetary units called Bonus Bucks. At the end of the semester, these Bonus Bucks can be used to bid on dozens of prizes at the Bonus Bucks Auction.

Brendan White, a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering, agrees that the program is an effective way to encourage student participation in campus events. “It is a good incentive to go to events on campus because you can get a lot of cool prizes for free.”

This semester, approximately 1,100 students earned a total of over $23,000 in Bonus Bucks. The Bonus Bucks Auction featured about 50 different prizes totaling over $2,000 in retail value. Popular prizes included a Playshion Longboard, a TaoTronics Sound Bar, an Amazon Echo, a Vera Bradley Travel Bag Set and a Fujifilm Polaroid Camera.

After the main auction, students could try their luck at the Game of Chance Prizes by using their remaining Bonus Bucks to purchase raffle tickets for a shot to get some of the most expensive items of the night. These items included early access tickets to the Blue & Gold Week Comedy Show, a Rachel Platten VIP package, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, and an Apple Watch.

If you missed out on your chance to bid on these auction items, make sure you attend campus events advertised with the Bonus Bucks logo during the spring semester so you can better your chances of walking away with a great prize at the auction. All SGA events, including the Departure Lounge (Thursdays from 4 to 7 pm on the Flight Deck), Touch-N-Go Thursday Night Movies (8:30 pm in the Willie Miller Instructional Center) and Blue & Gold Week activities will be giving out Bonus Bucks to attendees next semester.

For more information about the Bonus Bucks Program, or to provide suggestions for prizes to be featured at next semester’s auction, contact Dustin Beech at