Blue Origin is a Game Changer

Photo Credit: Blue Origin

Chirag Mehrotra/Correspondent

With the recent successful test fire of the Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine, the future of private space industry looks promising. Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Origin, took to microblogging website Twitter to announce the success and was quoted as saying, “First hotfire of our BE-4 engine is a success. Huge kudos to the whole Blue Origin team for this important step!” Blue Origin has thus established its foothold in the space industry and very soon it can prove to be a fierce competition to Musk’s SpaceX and Bruno’s United Launch Alliance. The success is not only positive news for Blue Origin but also for the private space tourism industry as a whole since it could lead to cheaper, more efficient methods, and end the dependence
on Russian rockets.

With more and more people becoming a part of the space industry, the 21st century can be dubbed as the private space race to see which company will be the first to send humans to space before anyone else. To remain in business with all the competition, all these companies need to provide low-cost options for customers. The lower the price gets, the larger the amount of the world population that can afford the luxury of space travel. That would lead to increased revenue which can be used for research and development to advance the technology further.

If the money is diverted towards research and development of newer technologies, then these companies can devise more efficient means of getting to space. This, again, would lead to fewer costs and a better experience for the customer. Likewise, sending cargo to space will significantly decrease in price thus allowing us to maintain an ever-increasing presence in space. With numerous companies making innumerable trips to space, our dependence on Russian made rockets will cease to exist.

With all the new rockets and technology at our disposal, our dependence on Russian rockets to send humans to space will drop, thus leading to more cost savings.

All of this results in a never-ending circle through which we can conclude that the future of private space travel is not a fantasy but a feasible achievement that would change mankind and generations to come would feel its effects. All this is possible due to another successful test of a rocket engine.