Attention, Treasurers!

Alonso Sweet/Student Finance Board

Greetings from the Student Finance Board (SFB)! We want to remind treasurers that the deadline to submit a completed Funding Request for Student Government Association funding of Registered Student Organizations (RSO) is Thursday Jan. 29, 2015. This deadline is very important; in order to request funds for organizations to operate over the spring semester, the Budget Packet and all approvals need to be submitted on time. If it is not received fully completed and on time, a penalty can be deducted from the Funding Request. The SFB wants to help organizations to complete the funding process correctly. This process is easy if treasurers follow the instructions and documents provided. Use attention to detail when filling out the Budget Packet. Communication is key when filling out the packet, so make sure to speak to the Executive Board of your respective organization about the items that will be purchased and events that will be held over the semester. If additional help or advice is needed, the SFB is more than willing to help answer questions and provide assistance. Remember when filling out the Budget Packet that the SFB traditionally does not fund for food. The Budget Packet is made to give the SFB a snapshot of your organizations financial structure and how well the organization will use the funds provided to them. The funding works on a reimbursement process so organizations will purchase items first, and then submit for reimbursement by completing a Purchase Request later in the semester. Make sure that all requests turned in have stage changes, from the treasurer to the president and then to the advisor. This process is used to ensure the proper use of student funding. If there are any questions, feel free to stop by the SGA office in the Student Center. Good luck with your budgets treasurers!