Athlete Spotlight of the Week: Hudson Cadet – Men’s Basketball

Credit: Shemar Alexander

I came to riddle for two reasons. One was to get the most of my collegiate career and academic career, and Riddle was the only place to allow me to do both at the highest level that I wanted to go, plus I could come here and study to be an engineer. It’s easier to go to bigger Division One schools, but they would want you to change your major because the schedule might become hectic, and they want you to focus more on basketball. On the other hand, here at Riddle they want you to focus on being the best student you can be. So Riddle seemed to be the perfect place for me as far as academics and athletics are concerned.

I’ve always wanted to be an engineer my whole life, I don’t know what made me want or what moment inspired me, but I’ve always wanted to do it. After I had done some electric work for someone, it intrigued me, and I decided that I would go into electrical engineering.

I didn’t start playing basketball until my sophomore year of high school. I played soccer before that; I was about 6’3 my freshman year. Then my sophomore year of high school I shot up to 6’8, and then I turned into a basketball player my sophomore year. I wasn’t the best at first, but I got better and improved my game by my senior year of high school.

My parents have always supported me one hundred percent. They support me going to this school, and the choices I’ve made through life. My short term goal is to get an internship this summer; I would like to work this summer before going into my senior year, so I can hone my craft as an engineer. For the long term, I’m more of a “cross that bridge when I come to it” kind of guy. Obviously I want to be an engineer somewhere, I don’t care where I think about the people I’m around.

If someone asked who Hudson is, I’d say I’m the guy that likes to most out of whatever situation I’m in. I always try to look at things on the bright side; I can definitely say I’m an optimist. I like my friends, my teammates; I like to have fun. I’m definitely big on family; I love my family. Immediate and extended I love them. I just like to be around the people for whom I love and care. Put me around those people, and I’m a happy guy.

My favorite thing about Embry-Riddle, since I’ve been here, is the relationships I’ve built for sure. It’s nice to have a place to come and feel like there’s family all around you. I love how comfortable I feel at the school. The advice I’d give to young athletes depends on your major. If you’re an engineering major, you have to master your time management between your practices, studying, class, eating, and sleep. When you can manage that, I think you can maximize your performance in school and athletics. Also self-discipline is another key characteristic to have as well.

Interviewed by
Shemar Alexander