Angels Soar over Jacksonville

Shemar Alexander / Staff Reporter

The NAS JAX Air Show took place on October 25 -26 last weekend. Aviation enthusiasts, war veterans, pilots, and members of our armed forces were in full effect at the air show. There was a great turn out by the crowd and the performers kept the crowd excited and interested. The show was orchestrated by one of the most experienced air bosses in the United States, Mr. Wayne Boggs.

There were many aircraft on static display from a UH-60M Black Hawk to a C-45 to a couple of F-22 jets. There were different branches of the military giving tours and answering questions people had about their respective aircraft and vehicles. There was also a challenge amongst the military branches to see who could do the most pull-ups. The static displays seemed to spark the crowd’s excitement and immediately add an intense feeling of anticipation to see the show.

The performers gave it their all in the airshow. The various performers pushed and pulled all sorts of negative and positive G forces. The amount of Cuban eights, inverted flight maneuvers, and aileron rolls were enough to keep the crowd excited and on the edge of their seats for the whole duration of the show. There was a race and a pyro performance by the Immortals and their jet powered school time school bus. Patty Wagstaff, also showed off her skills and showed off her signature tail wag maneuver. Matt Chapman, Mr. Embry-Riddle himself, kept the crowd in awe and amazement as his plane ripped across the sky with speed, power, and grace. The F-22 display was marvelous followed by a heritage pass with the F-22 and a P-51 Mustang.

The Blue Angels were the main attraction of the show as their C-130 “Fat Albert” opened for their performance and showed just what a C-130 can really do when it’s at maximum performance. The Blue Angels then shot across the Runway and took off for the sky. They performed their slow flight carrier approaches and even some high speed knife passes. The Blue Angels also sent chills down the crowd’s spines as they performed their sneak up maneuvers and flew over the crowd. The NAS JAX Air Show was truly a show that displayed how the Blue Angles soared through the skies of Jacksonville.